Welcome to Network TwentyOne Australia & New Zealand

Network TwentyOne Australia and New Zealand are part of the global organization Network TwentyOne International and is dedicated to supporting affiliated Amway business owners in building strong and profitable businesses.
This website is designed to present general information about Network TwentyOne. We welcome you to check back often to learn more about what we are doing throughout the Australia and New Zealand.

If you would like to find out details for events, please check on the “Calendar” page.

For International N21 offices and locations please check the “N21 Global” page. First time visitor may need to register for the various International pages. We suggest that you use the same registration details that you used to get access to Australia and New Zealand.


All other information for Australia and New Zealand can be found at www.n21.com.au


Note: Registration to this website is restricted to Amway Business Owners affiliated with Network TwentyOne.


Please note that any purchase of business support materials or attendance at meetings is optional.